About the Cyclonaut MultiSport Club

The Cyclonaut Multisport Club  is a Springfield, Massachusetts based club with its membership participating in general bike fitness, triathlon, running, and adventure sporting events. 


The Cyclonauts formed as a Multisport team in 2001. Cyclonaut members cover southern New England including Greater Springfield, MA, Hartford, CT and Central Massachusetts areas.


The club membership is approximately 200 members. We are actively looking for additional members so feel free to look at our Membership page.


The Cyclonaut Multisport Club mission is to support and encourage a healthy approach to Multisport for individuals of all ages and all levels of ability. Through the camaraderie of a club atmosphere, members enjoy training for the purpose of general fitness as well as personal and team goals. As a group the Cyclonaut Multisport Club participates in, as well as promotes, fitness related events and activities throughout the Southern New England area.


If you are looking to be associated with the premiere multisport team in the Springfield/Hartford area why don't you become one of our sponsors? There are multiple levels of sponsorship to invest in. For more details take a look at our sponsor pack here.

Cyclonaut Multisport Board

A listing of the current Board members along with their contact information can be found here.