June 21st & 22nd Race Weekend Summary

It was a busy weekend up in Hague, NY, Mont-Tremblant Canada & Syracuse, NY. The HITS Triathlon Series was held on Saturday 6/21 and Sunday 6/22. There were plenty of members who raced one of the distances. There were lots of age group awards all around and some blazing fast times posted. Three club members crossed the border into Canada and raced the 70.3 event in Mont-Tremblant. Congratulations to David Rodriguez who raced a 5:35 (41:23 swim, 2:51 bike & 1:55 run), Tom Deluca who raced a 5:39 (41:27 swim, 2:49 bike & 1:58 run), and Kim Murphy who posted a 6:47 (46:06 swim, 3:18 bike, and 2:32 run).

Lastly, Bill Wheeler headed to Syracuse and tackled that fun course (ok, the run is never fun there).  Bill ended the day with a blazing 4:43 finish (32:15 swim, 2:34 bike and 1:32 run).

Recent Race Results

The season has begun....lots and lots of races going on over the past few weeks and also the coming weeks.

Here are results from the most recent races:

Whatley Police Triathlon - 6/28

HITS Triathlon Series - 6/21 & 6/22

USAT Long Course Nationals - 6/8

Westfield Wave - 6/8

REV3 Quassy - 5/31 & 6/1

Sherriff Sprint - 6/1

Ironman Texas 140.6

Seriously fast times out in Texas last weekend - congratulations to everyone who raced.

Results are posted here

Ironman 70.3 St. Croix

Congratulations to everyone who laid down some amazing times in St. Croix. Congrats to Elena on her Mt. Tremblant spot and to Sarah on her Kona slot and Mt. Tremblant slot.

Results are located here

Also, a HUGE accomplishment by the Cyclonauts down there, here is a note from the Ironman Tri Club program " We congratulate you, Cyclonaut Multisport, on a great performance at 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 St. Croix! With all the hard work of your TriClub, you have won first place!"

2014 Cyclone Series

Reminder about the 2014 Cyclone Series, here are the races chosen for 2014: (1) Snow Storm Classic Forest Park - 1/4/2014 (2) Coast Guard Duathlon - 5/24/2014 (3) Sheriff's Sprint - 6/1/2014 (4) Wave Triathlon - 6/8/2014 (5) Chicopee Triathlon aka Speedo Challenge - TBD (6) HITS Triathlon Series (any distance) - 6/20 & 6/21 (7) Talking Turkey - November 2014

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